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PRAIA DE BAIA, Espinho - Portugal - The second annual Prozis Pro Junior Espinho, a men and women’s JQS1,000 event, launched in clean three-to-four foot surf at the beautiful praia de Baia. A sunny summer day greeted competitors, and a new swell arrived overnight delivered fun conditions to complete the opening rounds of both the men and women’s competition.

Henrique Pyrrait (PRT) 17, was the first surfer to crack the excellent range with a solid 8.33 on a succession of two powerful backside gauges. The Ericeira local took maximum risks on his last manoeuver to perform a radical snap right under the falling curtain of a set wave.

“That’s definitely the right way to start an event,” Pyrrait commented. “I had a little trouble to find the right waves but when I finally got one I was able to do two good turns and get a solid score. I just tried to back it up then, even though there weren’t many opportunities out there.”

Later in the round, France’s Charly Termeau (FRA) 18, played the consistency card to score two good waves and briefly claim the highest heat total of Round 1 with a 14.20 two-wave total. With a solid lead over his opponents, Termeau started to try aerial manoeuvers and could have scored much higher with a last-second effort, but eventually the judges panel deemed the manoeuver incomplete.

“I haven’t surfed for about a year, not just in competition but in general,” Termeau said. “It feels great to get back into it and especially with a win right away. I’ve done a lot of physio these past few months so I feel strong but I needed to find my feet on a board again. I think the power I developped is a good thing in these conditions and I’m sure it helped to score well in that one.”

It wasn’t however until current rankings leader Miguel Blanco (PRT) 19, hit the lineup in Heat 14, that a real frontrunner emerged on Day 1.

“I missed the deadline to enter the event on time and had to surf in Round 1 but honestly it’s not such a bad thing,” Blanco admitted. “It’s good to have already one heat under the belt when you come up against stronger surfers in the second round.”

Blanco belted two of the highest scores of the event so far, to rack up an excellent 16.93 heat total out of a possible 20. Able to link multiple turns on one of the longest waves seen on day 1, as well as go for broke on a bigger set that closed out, Blanco clearly showed dominance over his opponents for the entire 25-minute matchup.

“There’s always a little pressure for sure but I don’t really think about it so much,” Blanco continued. “I’m here chilling with my girlfriend and my friends, it’s just like any other comp’. Boards are feeling good, surfing’s amazing and the waves are pumping !”

In the women’s opening round of 40, it was Cascais’ Carol Henrique (PRT) 20, that came out with the highest heat total. Despite barely arriving on-time after competing in the Los Cabos Open of Surf, Henrique looked poised in her heat and built momentum to obtain her ticket for the second round.

“I’m just back from Mexico and wasn’t sure I could make it here on time,” Henrique said. “I’m happy to make that first heat and to be here with my dad. I love it here, it’s good to be competing at home in Portugal and I’m looking forward to the next round.”

Event officials have decided to convene surfers at 7:30AM on Friday for a potential early start to Day 2 of competition in Espinho.

The World Surf League (WSL) Europe Men and Women Prozis Pro Junior Espinho is scheduled from June 25-28, 2015 in Espinho, Portugal. For all results, photos, video highlights, and press releases, log on to worldsurfleague.com.
The Prozis Pro Junior Espinho is made possible with the support of the following event partners: Câmara Municipal de Espinho (City Council of Espinho) and PROZIS - Exceed Your Self. The official media is SurfPortugal and Surftotal. Organization by: /GPDESIGN brand communication and Surf Atitude Club.


Heat 1: Lens Arancibia Avila (FRA), Luca Dioguardi (CNY), Kalani Da Silva (CNY), Dylan Groen (DEU)

Heat 2: Aldric God (FRA), Will Davey (GBR), Henrique Pyrrait (PRT), Miles Lee Hargreaves (GBR)

Heat 3: Titouan Boyer (MAF), Luis Perloiro (PRT), Joao Kopke (PRT), Arran Strong (GBR)

Heat 4: Andy Criere (FRA), Antonio Rodrigues (PRT), Pedro Rua (PRT), Juan Fernandez (ESP)

Heat 5: Gonzalo Gutierrez (ESP), Jacome Correia (PRT), Joao Moreira (PRT), Jaime Pombo (CNY)

Heat 6: Guilherme Fonseca (PRT), Leo Paul Etienne (GLP), Pedro Coelho (PRT), Joshua Braddock (GBR)

Heat 7: Julen Egiguren (EUK), Gearoid McDaid (IRL), Mattia Poirier (FRA), Guilherme Ribeiro (PRT)

Heat 8: Natxo Gonzalez (EUK), Ruben Vita (PRT), Michael Zaugg (CHE), Ignacio Guisasola (ESP)

Heat 9: Timothee Bisso (GLP), Enzo Cavallini (GLP), Charly Termeau (FRA), Rhys Barfield (GBR)

Heat 10: Leon Glatzer (DEU), Tommy Boucaut (FRA), Angus Scotney (GBR), Francisco Almeida (PRT)

Heat 11: Jobe Harriss (GBR), Alex Bauduin (CNY), Harry De Roth (GBR), Diego Suarez Diaz (CNY)

Heat 12: Gatien Delahaye (GLP), Quentin Grenard (FRA), Francisco Da Silva Duarte (PRT), Tomas Ferreira (PRT)

Heat 13: Charly Quivront (FRA), Harry Timson (GBR), Mathis Crozon (REU), Felix Morau (FRA)

Heat 14: Nomme Mignot (FRA), Luis Diaz (CNY), Miguel Blanco (PRT), Antonio Duarte (PRT)

Heat 15: Diego Mignot (FRA), Arne Bergwinkl (DEU), Patrick Mainstone (ESP), Martin Cortijo Gonzalez (ESP)

Heat 16: Nelson Cloarec (FRA), Thomas Delplace (FRA), Titouan Dubos (FRA), Vincent Vandeputte (BEL),


Heat 1: Kalani Da Silva (CNY) 13.33, Miles Lee Hargreaves (GBR) 11.57, Jack Keenan (GBR) 6.33

Heat 2: Henrique Pyrrait (PRT) 12.33, Dylan Groen (DEU) 9.40, Jonathan Cohen (ISR) 5.63, Victor Vallauri (FRA) 4.83

Heat 3: Joao Kopke (PRT) 12.10, Juan Lopez (ESP) 6.80, Gaspar Teixeira (PRT) 6.20, Sean Gunning (ESP) 3.13

Heat 4: Pedro Rua (PRT) 9.37, Arran Strong (GBR) 9.34, Nacho Roman (CNY) 8.87, Miguel Castrillon (ESP) 5.54

Heat 5: Joao Moreira (PRT) 11.53, Joshua Braddock (GBR) 9.80, Tarik Rahim (ESP) 9.03

Heat 6: Pedro Coelho (PRT) 13.50, Jaime Pombo (CNY) 8.40, Frederico Magalhaes (PRT) 7.77, Leonardo Zambrano (ESP) 4.00

Heat 7: Mattia Poirier (FRA) 12.27, Ignacio Guisasola (ESP) 8.04, Fynnlee Miller-Cooley (GBR) 6.00

Heat 8: Michael Zaugg (CHE) 11.67, Guilherme Ribeiro (PRT) 10.74, Lucas Bernard (REU) 10.30, Vasco Diniz (PRT) 7.14

Heat 9: Charly Termeau (FRA) 14.20, Francisco Almeida (PRT) 8.00, Simao Penha (PRT) 7.64

Heat 10: Angus Scotney (GBR) 12.27, Rhys Barfield (GBR) 11.60, Eliott Napias (PYF) 10.23, Egor Volkov (RUS) 1.57

Heat 11: Harry De Roth (GBR) 12.17, Tomas Amorim (PRT) 11.30, Lourenco Alves (PRT) 10.90, Kasperi Turkia (FIN) 4.90

Heat 12: Francisco Da Silva Duarte (PRT) 12.67, Diego Suarez Diaz (CNY) 11.33, Salvador Couto (PRT) 8.56, Endika Garai (ESP) 8.13

Heat 13: Mathis Crozon (REU) 12.87, Antonio Duarte (PRT) 8.00, Francisco Carrasco (PRT) 5.84

Heat 14: Miguel Blanco (PRT) 16.93, Felix Morau (FRA) 9.86, Jakob Lilienweiss (DEU) 7.53, Ignacio Touzon (ESP) 5.16

Heat 15: Patrick Mainstone (ESP) 7.54, Vincent Vandeputte (BEL) 7.03, Tomas Ribeiro (PRT) 6.33, Miguel Madeira (PRT) 4.47

Heat 16: Titouan Dubos (FRA) 13.17, Martin Cortijo Gonzalez (ESP) 9.40, Carlos Castro (ESP) 6.50, Lucas Buatois Figueroa (ESP) 2.03


Heat 1: Teresa Bonvalot (PRT), Mariana Assis (PRT), Nadia Erostarbe (EUK), Sara Urresti (EUK)

Heat 2: Yolanda Aneiros (ESP), Ariane Ochoa (EUK), Melania Diaz (ESP), Noa Lelior (ISR)

Heat 3: Juliette Brice (FRA), Maddi Aizpurua (EUK), Noive Ceballos (ESP), Lucy Campbell (GBR)

Heat 4: Tessa Thyssen (BLM), Noa Iturripea (EUK), Uhaina Joly (FRA), Emily Currie (GBR)

Heat 5: Kim Veteau (GLP), Isabel Gundin (ESP), Lisa Girardet (REU), Kathleen Barrigao (PRT)

Heat 6: Camilla Kemp (PRT), Paula Fraga (ESP), Emily Williams (GBR), Anat Lelior (ISR)

Heat 7: Ainara Aymat (EUK), Leticia Canales Bilbao (EUK), Mahe Javegny (REU), Carol Henrique (PRT)

Heat 8: Keshia Seelow-Eyre (GBR), Peony Knight (GBR), Nina Reynal (FRA), Ophelie Couchot (FRA)


Heat 1: Sara Urresti (EUK) 6.83, Noa Lelior (ISR) 4.80, Leira Fuentes (EUK) 4.40

Heat 2: Lucy Campbell (GBR) 9.30, Emily Currie (GBR) 6.43, Ainhoa Leiceaga (FRA) 4.13, Yolander Hopkins (PRT) 3.90

Heat 3: Kathleen Barrigao (PRT) 7.66, Anat Lelior (ISR) 2.93, Mailys Cantrelle (CNY) 0.93

Heat 4: Carol Henrique (PRT) 10.33, Ophelie Couchot (FRA) 6.47, Indira Hernandez (ESP) 1.93, Aleyna Hadmolu (TUR) 1.23







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